Visit My Mosque Day

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visit-my-mosque-day-logoVisit My Mosque Day was held at England’s first Mosque on 7th February 2016.

What a fantastic day it has been! Great weather and lots of people from all over the UK, especially Southport, Ormskirk & Wirral.

More than 100 people (Non-Muslim) piled in to visit England’s First Mosque having had no idea what they were going to discover!

Learning about Islam and the great man himself Sheikh Abdullah Quilliam, may God bless his soul & grant him the highest of paradise. The man who pioneered modern-day British Islam in the 19th century. His legacy lives on…

A big thank you to all those who visited today, we look forward to being better hosts next time!

Enjoy the highlights of the day…

Liverpool Echo – UK’s Oldest Mosque

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