Wudu Area Works

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Wudu Ablution Area Appeal 2018

The unique wudu areas at England’s First Mosque are now under construction. Both male and female wudu spaces combine real plants with marble stone tiles to create a harmonious atmosphere and a very unique experience for the worshipper.

We urgently need your donations to complete the wudu spaces. Why not contribute by donating £100 for a marble stone tile and receive the reward of those who perform wudu in these wonderful spaces.


“Purity is half of faith” (Hadith)

Just as we beautify places of Salah (prayer) to increase our remembrance, our ambition is to elevate the place where wudu is performed to raise our physical and spiritual states during this essential act of worship. Our new wudu space aims to create an environment of calmness and cleanliness which inspires spiritual readiness prior to standing before our Lord in prayer. By using the most hygienic materials and design to create a sacred yet sanitised space, we are not only producing a unique wudu area within Britain’s first mosque but also evoking memories of great Islamic civilisation when wudu facilities were places of beauty consisting of decorative fountains set within courtyards or gardens. This is what Sheikh ul Islam Abdullah Quilliam would have encountered in his journeys to Ottoman Turkey and Morroco.

Please help by donating to this project.