Phase One

In 2006 and 2007, a number of vandal attacks, roof lead flashing and internal copper pipe theft occurred. This lead to ingress of water and development of timber wet and dry rot and massive internal damage to the buildings. The whole building had to be made water tight requiring re-roofed with Welsh slates and lead flashings and guttering as required for a listed building.

 We completed Phase One in December 2008

Phase Two

This stage of works involved re-opening the Mosque after 106 years of closure. Phase Two was restricted to the Ground Floor of 8 Brougham Terrace only. This included the temporary ablution (wudu) areas and main prayer hall.

 Phase 2 started June 2013 and was completed in July 2014

Phase Three and Four

Immediately after opening the historic mosque, demand from national and even international groups of Muslims required more facilities and services. Ground floor of 9 and 10 Brougham Terraces was urgently needed to cater for the large number of congregation who attended during the Ramadan and on Fridays. Temporary arrangements were made to accommodate the demand.

 We intend to complete Phase 3 & 4 by December 2016

Phase Five

Our vision 2021 is to purchase and restore the ornate red bricked building adjacent to the Mosque, originally owned by Liverpool City Council, we aim to expand our inspirational heritage and educational centre into the largest in the region. A former European Capital of Culture, Liverpool is one of the UK’s most popular destinations and our aim is to create a unique Victorian Islam visitor centre for Muslims and people of all backgrounds, to foster compassion and understanding. The Abdullah Quilliam Mosque & National Heritage Centre, will serve as a beacon for learning, faith and inspiration for generations to come.

 Support us and join this amazing journey and legacy

Following on, a group of committed Muslims was formed to forward plan the development. Invitation to join the Project Development Group was publicised during Jummah Prayer. A group of 10 persons joined this group. Several plan options were developed and discussed over a period two months. They were also displayed for the whole congregation to comment on and an amended Phased Development Plan was adopted. This adopted plan was also discussed with the Planners, Conservation Officer and Building Control Inspector for their comments. This process will continue up to the receipt of formal approval and construction to proceed home.

Sheikh Abdullah Quilliam was a professional, a scholar, a philanthropist, an activist and a teacher. Our vision for the final phase 5 of the development is to embody these exemplary attributes in all the facilities and services the new Abdullah Quilliam Mosque & National Heritage Centre will offer. The finished complex will provide a rich and evocative spiritual, cultural and historical experience for both Muslims and non-Muslims.

Plans for 1-7 Brougham Terrace
Ground Floor: The AQS Legacy Centre, Heritage Shop, restaurant with glass roof apex and community gardens
First Floor: Extension of prayer facilities to accommodate over 2000 congregants
Second Floor: AQS Education, Training & Community Centre with conference and banquetting facility