Publications from the British Library

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We are so pleased to have received all the Crescent publications in digital format from the British Library. In addition to the Crescent publications we also have the following in digital format: Faith of Islam 1889 Fanatics and Fanaticism 1890 … Read More

New discovered pictures of Abdullah Quilliam

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Thank-you to Yahya Birt for providing us with these images. Yahya Birt is a PhD candidate in Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Leeds. He is researching the history of postwar Muslim political activism in Britain. Full article: … Read More


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The following snippet is from Steven Horton’s article: “Britains First Mosque“ “Brougham Terrace may be synonymous with many Liverpudlians of a certain age as the place where non church weddings took place, but it also goes down in history as … Read More

Abdullah Quilliam and Sufism

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Was this interest in Sufism more than merely a scholarly one for Quilliam? Was he a member of a Sufi Order? Article: by Yahya Birt “Today I received a rarity in the post that was published exactly a hundred years … Read More

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