New discovered pictures of Abdullah Quilliam

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Thank-you to Yahya Birt for providing us with these images. Yahya Birt is a PhD candidate in Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Leeds. He is researching the history of postwar Muslim political activism in Britain. Full article: … Read More


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The following snippet is from Steven Horton’s article: “Britains First Mosque“ “Brougham Terrace may be synonymous with many Liverpudlians of a certain age as the place where non church weddings took place, but it also goes down in history as … Read More

Abdullah Quilliam and Sufism

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Was this interest in Sufism more than merely a scholarly one for Quilliam? Was he a member of a Sufi Order? Article: by Yahya Birt “Today I received a rarity in the post that was published exactly a hundred years … Read More

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