The Crescent

The Crescent, a weekly record of Islam in England, edited by W.H. Abdullah Quilliam represents Muslims in England between 1893 and 1908. These unique documents are a historical record of the situation of Islam and a growing convert community in British colonial times.

“Various movements in the Christian world and church, have in past ages impeded its disruption and held it together by force. Its protection by the laws and power of the state, — the persecution and punishment of heresy, and of all who declined acceptance of, or obedience to the dictates of the Church…”

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The Islamic World

The Islamic World, a monthly record of Islam around the globe, edited by W.H. Abdullah Quilliam.

“And to day Christians generally, with few exceptions, know or own as little of the real truth about Islam and its adherents as the darkest medieval ages, and evince a spirit as inimical, vindictive and unfair towards them as the bigots of bygone centuries…”

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The Faith of Islam

By Abdullah Quilliam – 1889:

“When we consider that Islamism is so much mixed up with the British Empire, and the many millions of Moslem fellow subjects who live under the same rule, it is very extraordinary that bo little should be generally known about this religion, its history, and that of its followers…”

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Fanatics and Fanaticism

By Abdullah Quilliam – 1890:

“When some years ago I first renounced Christianity and embraced Islam, I found that I was looked upon as a species of a monomaniac, and if I endeavoured to induce people to discuss the respective merits of the two religions, I was either laughed at or insulted.”

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Studies In Islam

By Abdullah Quilliam – 1895:

“Of Abdul Kasim Firdausi, the great Persian poet, and the author of the grand epic poem, tho Slidli Ndmeh or Hook of Kings, but comparatively little is satisfactorily known.”

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The Religion of the Sword

By Abdullah Quilliam – 1891:

“One of the favourite arguments adduced by many advocates of Christianity is that it is an elevating religion, and the harbinger of peace and goodwill towards men, and they frequently attempt to contrast it with Islam, which latter faith they persistently allege to have been propagated from its inception down to the present time at the sword’s point, and although this latter portion of their statement has been over and again disproved, they still reiterate it until its repetition becomes absolutely nauseous”

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