AQS Expansion Project 2021 & TV Appeal


Sheikh Abdullah Quilliam was a principled and courageous pioneer who laid the foundations of the Islamic faith in the UK, establishing England’s first Mosque in 1887. His conversion ensued after a visit to Morocco: “I read the translated Holy Qur’an and the book of Hero’s written by Carlyle and many other books. When I left Tangiers I was obedient to Islam and surrendered to its power and confessed it was the true religion.”

His propagation of the Deen, led to around 600 people in the UK embracing Islam, many of them very educated and prominent individuals in British society, as well as ordinary men and women. He established England’s first Mosque at 8 Brougham Terrace in Liverpool, it comprised a boarding school, an orphanage and a printing press, publishing The Crescent, a popular weekly record of Islam in England between 1893 and 1908.

The Abdullah Quilliam Society (AQS), was established in 1997 to advance the message of Islam and preserve the legacy of Sheikh Abdullah and restore the Masjid he founded. Our vision 2021 is to purchase and develop the ornate red bricked building adjacent to the Mosque, originally owned by Liverpool City Council, we aim to transform the complex into an inspirational heritage and educational centre. A former European Capital of Culture, Liverpool is one of the UK’s most popular destinations and our aim is to create a unique Victorian Islam visitor centre for Muslims and people of all backgrounds, to foster compassion and understanding. Please join this incredible legacy and support this unique institution, The Abdullah Quilliam Mosque & National Heritage Centre, which will serve as a beacon of learning, faith and inspiration for generations to come. Please purchase a tile on our Al Qalam Donor Exhibit by donating £250 or £500. May Allah (swt) accept it from us all. To find out more, view our mini project prospectus here.

You can also join our Executive Director, Imam Ajmal Masroor for a live TV appeal on Monday 22nd March 8pm on Eman Channel (Sky 757) or TVOne (Sky 781).

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